Message from The Word – “There is Hope in this tomb” – Pastor Blessen Cherian – 31st August 2019

Praise the Lord! Pastor Blessen gave a sermon about a closed tomb completely without hope and how God works and moves beyond our expectation.

Three days after the burial of Jesus Christ, his disciples ran to the tomb, they expected a closed tomb, but God resurrected just as how he said he would.

We may be facing a closed-door situation in our lives, we may be facing complete hopelessness, be assured that our God can break those barriers in our lives, he has a future for us and He promises he will be with us forever.

All Glory to God



A Warrior’s Way

Exodus 15:3 The God that we serve is a warrior. The Lord is His Name. He fights and as a father, He fights for us. He doesn’t sit back and get assistants or privates to do the job but He does the fighting Himself. If we accepted Jesus as our Lord, we have to know […]

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At the mention of the name of Jesus, every knee must bow and every tongue confesses that Jesus is Lord. What is that the name of Jesus can’t overtake?

Even in your office, mention that name of Jesus and it will make things right.

Message from the Word – Jesus Christ the Saviour and the Lord – Charles Macharia – 13th September 2019

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There are times when life is overwhelming, when all we have is questions. In those moments, hope can feel far away. The great thing about prayer is that it shifts our perspective toward the One who stands ready to listen. No matter what you’re facing, we’d love to pray with you!

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