A Review on Mission #9 Zambia – Africa Mission 3:16

A Review on our 9th Mission trip to Zambia :

God enabled to fulfill what He bestowed through us. We give all the GLORY TO OUR ALMIGHTY!!

Almost 200+ people got into salvation prayer.
✓ Ministered at 7 places to almost 10,000+ people.
✓ Distributed 100+ bibles to the most rural areas.
✓ Gave one time meal to more than 2000+ people.
✓ Ongoing process of our 5th borewell.
✓ One more land was promised for African Mission 3:16 by the headmen of Campassa, Madido(We are yet to decide on it).
✓ Supported financially to those HIV+ affected families.
✓ Distributed cloths to the community.
✓ Give away of chocolates to kids.
✓ Talk with business class people & leaders.
✓ Met Government officials & got supports for African Mission 3:16.
✓ Official meeting with main stream church leaders to tie up for our future ministry in Zambia.

We thank God one more time
I personally want to thank you from my heart for your love on this mission & what you have done for the Kingdom extension cannot be forgotten. Without your prayers and support this would not have been made to  happen.

May the Lord bless you all. Greater things are yet to happen. Let’s connect!


With love and prayers,

Your brother in Christ

Pastor Blessen Cherian



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